Hope I didn't shock you there. No, my family and I are not actually moving away from our current home on the farm.

But my writing and blogging is moving to a new home. I have launched a new website called Please consider subscribing to the new site. I will continue to blog and provide links to my other writing around the web.

The Beauty of This Hour will continue to be active until I can get everything transferred over. But any new content will be on the new site.

Thanks for reading and supporting my writing!

God of the mundane

A post for Mudroom blog: Unknown

The contemplatives often write that God is revealed in the mundane, that in my laundry, my dishes, my baby’s diapers, and in the liturgical, repetitive tasks of my day there are opportunities to find the God who incarnated small and humble. But there are mornings when just getting out of bed to perform those daily duties seems too much to bear.

Instead of seeking God in the minutiae of my life, I would much prefer to have a more powerful sense of God. When my hands are elbow-deep in the dregs of rinse water, I would rather have a vision of God in the way of Teresa of Avila, who saw the soul as a castle.

Can’t my soul be a fairy castle, please?

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Renew and Sustain

I'm so excited to be heading up a new collaborative writing effort: We're hoping that this site is a good resource for recipes, essays and practical experiments in living sustainably as people of faith.

We want to be a place of encouragement, revealing the messiness, the humor and the satisfaction that comes with this way of living.

I hope you'll join us!