A new announcement!


I’m starting a monthly tiny letter called The Mystic Missives!

If you don’t know what a tiny letter is, it’s simple: every month, you will receive an email from me (if you subscribe). That’s all: just an email. There will be no link to my blog. All the content will be in the email. It’s a mini newsletter sent straight to your inbox.

If you sign up soon, you’ll receive the first newsletter in a few days explaining more about The Mystic Missives. If you’ve read my book Mystics and Misfits and are curious to learn more about the mystics, this is the newsletter for you. If you haven’t read the book, I still hope you will find some helpful and interesting things in The Mystic Missives.

I will keep blogging here at christiananpeterson.com periodically, but the tiny letter is going to come more regularly (monthly) and will arrive straight in your email inbox (if you sign up here).

I hope you will join me and if you like the tiny letter you can share it with this link: https://tinyletter.com/cnpeterson

In short, if you want to support my writing and read more about the mystics, here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign up for my tiny letter The Mystic Missives here.

  2. Get a copy of my book Mystics and Misfits (if you haven’t already) and read about the mystics.

  3. Leave a review on Amazon if you’ve read the book. This helps my book gain more attention, which helps sales, which allows me to keep writing more books!

  4. Support authors by buying their books and sharing about them. And if you want to go really far, ask your local bookstore or library to order books by your favorite authors.

I hope you’ll join me!