The Festival and a Book Giveaway

This morning my three year old noticed a box outside one of our three front doors. Let me explain: our house was built in 1850 and someone suggested that two of the three front doors were to aid foot traffic during a wake. I'm skeptical mostly because that means dead bodies might've been laid out where our dining table is. But I digress...


The box was full of author copies of my book. What a gift to see them laid out, embossed and shiny, baby new. Of course it didn't take ten minutes for my crawler to come upon one that fell on the floor and bend that shiny new cover into a crease. That will obviously be my own personal copy now. 

My life is now an odd mix of wiping snotty noses, picking up children from the school nurse (my three oldest just happened to end up there in the same week with three unique sets of symptoms), preparing to lead music at church, and trying to launch a book. I'm not sure which one I'm succeeding at, if any. But they all certainly bring lots of challenges and joys. 

This coming week, I will be able to launch my book at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College. It was just two years ago that I brought my book proposal (titled Mother Mystic at the time) to the same Festival and connected with Amy Gingerich, then the acquisitions editor for and now the executive director and publisher at MennoMedia/Herald Press. Two weeks later, I was offered a contract. And here we are now, two YEARS later, releasing that book--with fledgling wings--into the ether. 

Here's where I'll be at the Festival: 

Friday morning at 8:30am at Calvin College Chapel, Undercroft--Against Scarcity: Generosity and Writing Communities. My panelists will be members of my own writing group: Jessica Goudeau, Stina Kielsmeier-Cook, D. L. Mayfield, Kelley Nikondeha, and Amy Peterson.  

Friday morning at 10:30am, I'll be signing copies of my book in the Exhibition Hall at the Herald Press table. Come join me and say hello. Copies of my book will be for sale there. 

Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm at Prince Conference Center, Willow Room--Sentiment without Sentimentality: Women Writers Who Won’t Stay in Their (Inspirational) Lane
with Karen Gonzalez, Jessica Mesman Griffith, Lyz Lenz, and D. L. Mayfield

Though Mystics and Misfits doesn't officially launch until April 17, by some quirks of the online publishing trade, it is now available for purchase at Amazon and MennoMedia. And to celebrate, I'd love to do a book giveaway, available to one of you, my dear blog subscribers. 

Giveaway: If you'd like to have a chance to win a copy signed by me, make sure you are subscribed to the blog here. Then leave your email address in the comments of this blog post or email me at with subject line: giveaway. I'll leave the giveaway open until Monday at 8:00am. Then, I'll choose one of you at random. 

Thanks for reading!