Mystics and Misfits around the web

Book news:

Well, it's been a week since Mystics and Misfits officially entered the world. This week has been full of delightful and moving conversations with readers and friends who have read the book and felt it resonated with them. When you do this kind of thing, you never know what people will think, and I'm honored by the support I've received. 

Mystics and Misfits has already made it to a few places around the web but stay tuned for more interviews, podcasts, and reviews posted here:

1. Fellow writer and blogger, Cara Meredith graciously interviewed me for her Author Tuesday series.

2. My new friend (and fellow Herald Press author) Leslie Verner reviewed the book on her blog.

3. Tara Owens is running an excerpt from the book as well as offering a giveaway of Mystics and Misfits at Anam Cara.

3. Englewood Review of Books mentioned the book in its New Releases section.

If you've read the book and haven't made it over to Amazon or Goodreads to write a review, please consider doing so, even if it's painfully honest. The more reviews the book receives, the more the book comes up in searches so other people are able to find and read my book! And if you haven't read the book but you use Goodreads, consider putting Mystics and Misfits on your "To-read" list as well. 

Reading news:


I've just begun reading Joan Chittister's Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today. As my family and I try to live out a mystical faith in a new context (we moved in August from an intentional community to a small town in Ohio), I long for this kind of wisdom. Chittister, a former Benedictine nun herself, writes about how this ancient text, the Rule of Benedict, is not actually a set of rules but a guide for a life. The Rule is "designed for ordinary people who live ordinary lives." That's not to say that aren't times to make huge changes in our lives in order to follow Jesus but using this ancient guide is a way to see what changes Jesus might be calling us to in our lives. This week, I hope to do another post on the first section of her book: "Listening: The Key to Spiritual Growth."