Top eleven signs that the polar vortex is driving our family crazy

IMG_0516 1. After reading a kid's book about it, my five year old daughter wants to talk about Hawaii...a lot. I think it's in her dreams.

2. I heard myself say (and kind of mean it), "Wow, it's a balmy 18 degrees outside."

3. My three year old son nearly tears up when I start describing spring.

4. When I go to scrape the ice off my car, I'm confused when it won't come off. And then I realize that the ice is on the inside.

5. I encourage my friend who is visiting California to describe the weather. In detail. For as long as she wants.

6. I start missing Texas summers.

7.  Even though they are outside in the barn and I have to layer up like I live in Alaska, I volunteer to do the chicken chores at night...just so I can get out of the house.

8. I spend most of the movie Frozen wondering why Anna and Elsa aren't dressed more warmly.

9. My husband spent his birthday money on snowshoes.

10. I can't wait to see what my buddies all think of me...when I finally do what frozen things do in summer.

11. My five year old takes a lot of selfies

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