Farm life

IMG_1890 I wrote this post over at collaborative blog I started at the beginning of the year. It's called Renew and Sustain. Thought I'd share it here as well.

A recent video of a Brazilian toddler learning the truth about where his meat comes from went viral. He didn’t understand why anyone would kill animals and eat them.

Afterwards, many “should we really be eating meat?” essays, blog posts, and articles followed.

I understand.  The truth is that much of the meat we consume in this country has come from animals raised in filthy and frightening conditions, animals who are killed and slaughtered in equally horrible places that have little respect for their life or death. In many ways, vegetarianism and veganism are “kinder” diets.

But I’d like to give another perspective. Not one that claims everyone should eat meat or that argues that we should be able to kill animals because, after all, they’re just animals. No, I love vegetarians and if my husband didn’t love meat so much, I might just become one.

This perspective is simply the lessons a child can learn growing up on a small farm.

Because of our deeply held moral, ethical and spiritual beliefs about the care we should show all of God’s creatures, my husband raises grass-fed cows for meat and we buy pork and chicken from small local farms that care similarly for their animals.

Matthew has taken to bringing one of our children along with him when he buys a new cow or takes them to be butchered.

Sounds a little gruesome, doesn’t it?

Well, it is...

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