You stay hidden within that misery

A prayer by Walter Brueggemann: God, holy, sovereign, faithful, generous--
   that is the first thing we know and affirm at the break of day.
 But then, from these old hard texts we notice
      that your holy, sovereign, faithful generous way with us and
         with our people is in this endless tale of violence...
         war, plunder, rape, incest, deception, and death.
 You stay hidden within that misery,
               at work even against such circumstance.
 We notice that our long-term narrative is just like every other tale,
   wreaking with violence, just like every other...
   except for you...holy, sovereign, faithful, generous.
 We trust your hidden ways today in our narrative
      and in all the narratives of violence in force today.
 Work your good will,
         give us eyes to notice what can be seen of you,
         give us faith to trust what stays hidden of you
         give us nerve to obey you this day,
               even where we do not see.
We pray in the name of Jesus who confounds all our tales of misery.
--From "Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth"