Oh. Little town.

Brassy and brashare the bells that jingle announcing the arrival of Kringle fitted for joy in lipstick red he of rosy-cheeked bulk and mirth

How silently how silently Comes this birth

Merry ding donging and herald harking a shopper’s paradise lost embarking Heaven and hell converge on a Friday with the shoving and shuffling of feet

How silently how silently Does he greet

Boxes, bags, forests of tissue paper and wood bury the plastics, glass, silver and gold Squeals in the rending and releasing of trinkets bound and gagged with ribbon

How silently how silently The wondrous gift is given

Rhymes and picture books of the night before tales spinning of a rooftop breaking-and-entering with the sound of nutcrackers cracking and drummers drumming

How silently how silently, No ear may hear his coming

We, bold and blaring, announce our name and season With speeches, news feeds and cries of treason Our hearts have no vacancies No room no room for stain or sin

Where meek souls will receive him still The dear Christ enters in