A long long song

I tried to respond to DL Mayfield's question "What are you listening to?" and I ended up with a whole blog post. So, here is what I'm listening to these days.  This is the soundtrack of our family dance parties, what we sing at the top of our lungs, what makes me close my eyes and hear a part of my soul that only God knows.

Gungor Ghosts Upon the Earth: I like that they call themselves 'liturgical post-rock.' Not always sure what that means but it's a welcome change to some of the soulless music on the radio. Let There Be

Kate Rusby The Girl Who Couldn't Fly: an English folk artist I discovered during my years in Scotland. Celtic bluegrass folk.  Elfin Knight

My Brightest Diamond All Things Will Unwind: a quirky, weird and adorable artist some call twee.  Her classically trained voice combined with interesting lyrics and alternative pop makes for a fun listen. "I hear a quieter voice/ It says, love binds the world." Beautiful!  We Added It Up

MaMuse All the Way: "What a meadow would sound like if it could sing." That's what their website says...a little dramatically self-important perhaps...but their music speaks for itself. A "sweet soul, folk revival." Glorious

Bryan Moyer Suderman Detectives of Divinity and God's Love is for Everybody: I had to put in an album for kids because let's face it, that's what I listen to most. This is for anyone with faith like a child. Worshipful, solidly Jesus-loving biblical stories and verses. Peace Meal and The Fruit Of The Spirit

Mary Chapin Carpenter  Ashes and Roses: I knew her as a country singer.  Now I know her as a poet, singing in her deep cello-like alto with melancholy and emotion about the isolation of plane travel, global warming, and divorce.  So poignant.  The Age of Miracles

Julie Fowlis Cuilidh: A folk artist singing in Gaelic from her native ScotlandAn T-Aparan Goirid 's an T-Aparan Ùr Òran Do Sheasaidh Bhaile Raghnaill

David Mead Indiana and Almost and Always: He is one of my husband's favorite songwriters. Unflashy singer-songwriter.  His lyrics and his easy voice hooked me. Indiana

Wailin Jennys (can't choose one album...they're all wonderful): A trio of talented musicians (all of whom happen to be women) whose harmonies are so tight that even live, they are pitch-perfect. Deeper Well (this is an Emmylou Harris song...I also love her).

Patty Griffin Children Running Through, 1000 Kisses and Downtown Church: She hails from my home state of Texas...but don't hold it against her (I can say that 'cause I love Texas).  This lady's got soul. No Bad News

What music do you love?