This peace

"It's something so elusiveSomething close but far away It's the home that I can't live in yet somewhere in outer space And sometimes I barely miss it when I walk into the room The curtains are still swaying and I feel the air move" --Sara Groves

I love the image in this song of this mysterious, whispery, spirit-like thing that eludes us.  I find it to be so.  It seems I'm on the cusp of taking it in, this thing like wind, when a single thought or moment or heavy breath whisks it away like it was an apparition in my periphery.

Today I needed this song.

I needed to be reminded to always to be reaching for it even when I can't always grasp it.  I needed to be reminded that we are always on the edge of that place, that state of becoming.  And that sometimes we are given a glimpse of it.  Sometimes we are given even the weight of it, the feel and taste of kingdom life.  And it is glory, an earthly sense-filled glory when we touch it.

"It's a whisper in my ear It's a shiver up my spine It's the gratitude I feel for all that's right It's a mystery appeal that's been granted me tonight This peace."