Peace Meal

A year or so ago, a friend gave us a cd of children's music from a Canadian Mennonite by the name of Bryan Moyer Suderman. Those of us who are around children very much know how awful kid's music can be: cheesy, out-of-tune, patronizing, theologically lazy.

But Moyer Suderman is a true talent.  His lyrics compress the deep message of Jesus into simple beautiful words with catchy and engaging tunes.

He has an interesting way of sharing his music.  Instead of the typical tour, promote, sell sell, he has a CSA music program that you can join through his website, getting music downloads of new songs four times a year.

We were able to see him play at a local Mennonite summer camp.  The adults were singing along.

If you have any children in your life with whom you want to share music that adds beauty to the world or if you have the heart of a child, you should support Bryan Moyer Suderman.  We listen to his album "God's love is for everbody" almost every time we get in the car. Our kids love him!

This is one of my favorties.  You can hear a snippet of it on itunes:

Peace meal

It's a peace meal, a peace meal

The table's set, don't you hear the call

A peace meal, a peace meal

A table set for us all